Student Drop Off/Pick Up

The Anchorage School District does not provide bus service for the Montessori program. You are responsible for getting your child both to and from school. Parking can be a problem; please be aware of safety issues and watch for other children. Arrive early if you can, and obey all traffic laws.

Student safety is of paramount importance, and drop-off and pick-up occur in congested areas. To keep everyone’s child safe, please follow all traffic laws when dropping off or picking up your child.

There are three options to drop off and pick up your child.

Option 1.  Park on 11th, or 12th, or Barrow and walk your child into school.  The south side of 10th Street is 2 hour parking as well. This is not a drop off area.  Please walk your child across the street.

Option 2. Pull up in the designated drop off area on the north side of 10th Street.  Please let your child out or in on the curb side. Quickly move forward and out to allow other cars in. Important to know: this area must always have a driver in the car.  Please do not leave your car unattended on the north side of 10th.

Option 3.  Pull up to the red curb area in front of the school.  Pull all the way forward and let your child out or in on the curb side near the benches and closer to 10th Street. Children will then walk to the playground to be picked up by their teacher. Quickly move forward and out to allow other cars in.  Important to know: red curb areas must always have a driver in the car.  This is a $200+ ticket if the car is left unattended.  It is dangerous for children to walk through our parking lot. They must be attended by an adult.

For dismissal pick up, please pre-arrange with your child where you will be picking them up.  Your choices are in person on the playground, in your car on the north side of 10th, or in your car in front of the school.  Children being picked up on 10th will walk down the ramp and be supervised by an adult to their car. Children being picked up in front of the school will be supervised by an adult and wait under the canopy for you to pull up to the curb. Please pull all the way forward.  An adult will help your child to your car.

Denali’s pickup zone, on 10th Avenue between Cordova and A, is cramped and congested so plan accordingly.

The north side of the street is for drop-off and pick-up, only. Do not leave your car unattended. The south side of the street is for parking up to two hours. Do not drop your child in the street—wait for a spot to open along 10th Avenue or park and walk them to the playground. Do not block the crosswalk areas. Be courteous to others and WATCH carefully for children.

Parking spots in the lot are very limited; they are foremost for teachers and visiting staff. Please do not use a parking spot in the morning to drop off a child. If you are planning to come into the building to walk your child to class, volunteer, meet with a staff member, etc. please use the on-street parking. The limited parking spaces barely meet the needs of the staff who need to be here to teach your child(ren).

Dismissal congestion lasts only about 10-15 minutes after school.  Please be patient and remember our Montessori value of grace and courtesy.  This is an excellent opportunity to role model this for our children

The first bell rings at 8:50 am, and the tardy bell rings at 9:00 a.m. Please be prompt; when your child is late, he/she misses valuable instruction on the up-coming day’s work.

There is no before or after-school supervision for students; please don’t drop your student off early and make arrangements for your child(ren) to be supervised or walk home at 3:30 each day when school is dismissed.